Tips For Valentine's Day

Posted by Sate Ayam on Thursday, January 28, 2010

By suzie faloon
Ehow contributing writer

Expert insight

valentine's day is one of the busiest days of a florist's year. The customer is very important to the business and the florist intends to do everything possible to satisfy them. The florist strives to make the recipient of the floral delivery happy too. The ideal valentine's customer is one that pre-orders valentines flowers that must be delivered at least a week ahead. A florist's favorite type of customer orders two weeks to a month ahead, gives detailed directions to the delivery location, and makes payment by february 13th. When you build a good relationship with a florist, you can be sure to have good service. A florist appreciates a thoughtful customer especially during an incredibly busy series of days.


bad weather and last minute customers adds to the heavy workload of a florist. If you have called ahead with your order and asked for a specific delivery time, it is probable that your valentine's flowers will be on time. The florist will have made a schedule of deliveries, locations, and times requested. The florist will map out locations and time for the delivery person to adhere to. You, as a customer, must take into account that inclement weather could be a problem for a delivery person and this could cause a late delivery. The florist and delivery person will do everything humanly possible to get your floral gift to your loved one on time.


you have several choices when ordering valentines flowers for valentine's day delivery. You can order from the internet or phone chain florists and order from a predetermined selection. You can call or visit your local florist and have a more personal experience when ordering favorite flowers, plants, or standard valentine choices. Your fourth option is to call and do a credit card paid order from a large area florist after inquiring if they will deliver to the address you provide.

Time frame
the florist valentine's day business begins in late december or early january when the orders for fresh flowers go in to the wholesaler. A florist with a wide volume of business will begin preparing dishes, vases, bows, and permanent or silk floral arrangements ahead of time. Fresh flowers will be delivered by the wholesale florist to the business a day or two before february 14th. After processing, the cut flowers will be stored in the cooler. Floral foam that is in prepared containers will have water poured into them to soak overnight on the 12th or 13th. Last minute flower shipments may be delivered or the florist will go to the wholesaler between 4 and 6 in the morning on the 14th to get the extras needed. If you have waited to call a florist on the 14th, you may not be able to request a specific delivery time.


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