Chinese New Year

Posted by Sate Ayam on Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just like all the main seasons in medan, like idul fitri and christmas, the favorite season giving gift for the chinese new year in medan is gift hampers, known as parcels in medan.
Note: chinese new year falls on the 26 january 2009 this year and is usually celebrated for at least 3 days where families and friends will visit one another to pay respects.
At this time of the year, many retailers especially the supermarkets are preparing gift hampers for the chinese new year of the ox, and macan yaohan supermarket group has prepared many ready made hampers for the convenience of customers.
The chinese new year hamper are beautifully designed and decorated with popular products and accessories, all themed up in red to become an auspicious gift hamper. You can see the various designs and packages in the brochure below.
What makes macan parcel / hampers unique are the way the chinese new year hamper are packaged including the provided choice of auspicious chinese greetings of prosperity, health, friendship, fortunes, luck etc. Macan calls them “banner rezeki”. This makes the hampers much more meaningful as customers are giving “more” than just a hamper with wishes and warm greetings of good luck and fortune to the receiver.


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