3d Visuals Design

Posted by Sate Ayam on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For years our programs have used hypnosis, NLP subliminal or brainwave audio technology to successfully implement positive suggestions into the listener's conscious and sub-conscious minds. Now after years of work come a new revolution; the implementation of these same positive NLP messages and suggestions into stimulating
3d Visual on 3d Studio.
Memory experts around the world agree that the more senses one stimulates simultaneously the more likely the brain is to store the patterns into our long-term memory. So naturally a self improvement program that stimulates the visual field with patterns that match the phase and amplitude of the respective audio track will be much more effective than the audio or visuals by themselves. We have understood this for years and have been experimenting with new techniques of 3d Visual Design stimulation to augment our vastly successful audio programming. After years of work finally it has arrived, a whole new progression in the field of self help; these 3D visuals do more than simply compliment the audio messages. There is without a doubt a synergy that is created by the interaction between the audio and visual information that is much more powerful than simply a sum of its parts. Think of it as the "power of 2" in terms of effectiveness.
On top of all the above we realized how important it is to keep a person entertained while learning new material. The 3d Visual on 3d Studio that accompany the abstract music and carefully timed rhythm form enough stimulation to keep even the most jumpy people glued to their seats. These new 3d Design DVD's are an awe inspiring journey that will take you into a whole new world of personal development and improvement.Experience a true revelation in your life today and for many years in the future with these advanced 3d Design DVD programs!


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