Significance of Purple Roses

Posted by FlowerAdvisor on Friday, March 6, 2009

Purple roses possess a distinctive beauty that is stunning and rare. You'd be wrapped with fascination and intrigue when you set your eyes on a beautiful purple rose, drawn to its mystical beauty.

Here at FlowerAdvisor, our beautiful purple roses are arranged delectably in hand bouquets and table arrangements. You'd certainly be spoilt for choice! However do you know the true meaning behind purple roses? Let's find out what message you would be sending out to your loved ones with these uniquely coloured roses.

Love at first sight
Purple roses have long been a symbol of falling in love at first sight. Purple roses are used to express the indescribable and beautiful feeling of falling in love with a stranger, in hopes that this stranger will be somebody very familiar in the near future. In short, a purple rose sends a message to the recipient that he/she is charming and simply irresistible to have enraptured the heart of the sender at the very first sight.

All things magical
Apart from being a symbol of love at first sight, purple roses also represent enchantment and all things magical. A fantasy, a wonder and impossibility – these are the things that purple roses stand for. And just like a dream, a fantasy is also fleeting and transcendental. Thus, although the aforementioned initial attraction may have carved a deep impression on the sender, there's no guarantee that this attraction would be permanent.

A royal colour
The colour purple has always been linked to royalty. Therefore it only makes sense that a purple rose symbolizes all things grand, glorious, majestic and opulent. Purple roses can also send out a message of an air of noble regality and pure splendour.

Symbol of discretion
During Lent, a time of discretion, purple is the colour worn by priests. This suggests an undertone of vigilant control. It also implies the need to proceed cautiously and slowly. Therefore purple roses could mean nobility and something sacred.

Now that you've discovered the true meaning behind the beautiful yet enchanting purple rose, you know exactly what to do the next time you fall in love at first sight!

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