Significance of Blue Roses

Posted by FlowerAdvisor on Friday, March 6, 2009

he beautiful blue rose, in reality, does not exist. Nature has it that roses, lack the particular pigmentation that is needed to produce the colour blue. As such, alternative methods have been thought of to “create” a blue rose.

This normally means that a white rose is cut prematurely, and dipped into blue dye, thus gradually turning the petals blue.

For years, florists all over have searched for a true blue rose, but to no avail. The quest for the absolute blue rose has been compared to the Christian hunt for the Holy Grail. As such, the blue rose is considered to be the Holy Grail of the rose world.

This association wraps the blue rose in an aura of mystery – which is the main significance of blue roses.

Let's learn more about these enigmatic flowers, before you make a choice out of the great variety of blue rose arrangement here at FlowerAdvisor.

Symbol of mystery
The very ‘existence' of blue roses is indeed a mystery in itself, because as mentioned earlier, they are not supposed to exist! The fact that their appearance (albeit through unnatural methods) defies the course of nature makes them mysterious and ambiguous.

This mysteriously vague quality of blue roses is accentuated by the fact that blue roses that we have today aren't real. Their existence is purely fabricated, and this makes them even more mysterious and even creates a sense of surrealism.

In short, blue roses can symbolize an appreciation for all things enigmatic.

Symbol of the impossible & unattainable
Blue roses are such a rare sight in nature, so much so it does not exist. A beautiful and perfect blue rose that is searched for by all, but it still remains a dream; a fantasy.

Therefore, blue roses symbolize something that is impossible to achieve; something that is unattainable that will only remain a dream that can never be realized.

In love, a blue rose can represent a hope for a love that is impossible or unrequited. In that way, it can also signify a hope for a miracle to happen.

Symbol for new opportunities & possibilities
Blue roses also signify new beginnings. The excitement for the untold beginnings of a new venture is often expressed with blue roses. In a way, blue roses can also represent caution; the need to tread carefully in new territories that is still much unknown.

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