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Posted by Sate Ayam on Friday, July 31, 2009

A comprehensive guide for bands preparing to record amplified music

the following guidelines come from years of experience working with artists in studio recording. These are by no means concrete rules but our goal in presenting these guidelines is to make you familiar with the process so you can concentrate on your performance and creativity on studio. We're sure the list will unearth some unanswered questions, so feel free to call us to discuss your specific recording situation.
Always plan to do fewer songs rather than a lot of songs quickly in studio recording. There is nothing worse than having lots of songs on a cd that you are embarrassed to play to people, and nothing more satisfying than listening to one song that you are completely happy with, remember, if there was a magic formula, everybody would be using it. Quality takes time.

Focus on tight bass and drums. It is critical that these two players have a "locked" performance. During the initial studio recording music session, view all the other tracks as support for an energetic, tight drum and bass pass. If the other instruments play recording a "keeper" part, consider it a blessing. Have a drummer and bass player extra rehearsal before the studio. Plan to overdub other parts so that we can focus strictly on their performance, if possible.

Analyze your song structure studio recording music . Look for spice and other elements that will make the track more interesting. This could include percussion, background harmony parts, sound effects, guitar/key fills, etc. Be sure to ask the engineer for input.

FInally, at all cost, keep it fun. It will translate into the best finished product of studio music. The more prepared you are, the more fun the session will be! Work through creative differences outside the studio and if tensions rise in the session, take evasive action. Move on to the next song and come back to the one you're having trouble with or take a break.Terms are 50/25/25. 50% at least one month in advance to secure dates, 25% at beginning of mix in studio music, balance due upon delivery of masters. No masters will be released until payment is made in full. Overtime will be billed at the quoted rates.Cancellation terms are: 1 month notice = full refund, 1 week notice = 50% refund, 24 to 48 hours notice = 25% refund, 24 hours or less= no refund. Please understand that once we accept your deposit, we stop trying to sell the allotted time. If you cancel we still have to cover our costs.

Home studio or home studio recording must be booked is time billed, you are invoiced for all time booked, even if you finish early. We start at the booked time and normally stop for a one hour lunch and take a 15 min break every 2 hours to keep our ears fresh. Cancellation policy in effect throughout sessions. Re-scheduling of sessions are at the discretion of absolute recordings.

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